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The Computational Intelligence Research Group (CIRG) of the University of Pernambuco is entirely dedicated to produce theoretical or practical scientific contributions that regard metaphors and techniques of Computational and Artificial Intelligence.

The primary focus of research is developing and refining new Computational Intelligence Methodologies and Techniques in Neurocomputation, Swarm and Social Computing and Evolutionary Computation. Another important research target of CIRG is to delve into application of the produced theory aiming at real world complex problems.

CIRG is currently investigating:

(1) Computational characteristics of Artificial Networks (i.e. Neural and Social) for plausible modeling of the brain function, micro and macro economics and social networks;

(2) Development of new algorithms of Computational Intelligence, namelly: FSS, WPA, Clan-PSO and MEvoSys;

(3) Application of Intelligent Algorithms in: Decision Support, Agribusiness, Oil and Naval Industry and Optical Communications Networks.

As much as possible, all CIRG members will work hard to protect nature and improve the quality of life in our region and in our planet.


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